Memories from International Women’s Day Arts+DanceXchange 2019

Tree Planting Ceremony– Acknowledging and honoring our relationship with the sacred land as we celebrate all that she gives us during the Apple Tree Planting Ceremony. An apple, considered the forbidden fruit in some traditions, is also the symbol of sacred knowledge, fertility, beauty and love…all that is connected to the feminine principle of creation. The Earth, our Great Cosmic Mother, protects us and nurtures us from the day we are born until we return to Her after we take our last breath. This was a beautiful moment of reflection and gratitude. Photo credit: Enrique Villa


Earth Medicine Garden Tour– Learning about the healing properties of herbs and planting tulips. Photo credits: Enrique Villa

Dance, Music & Movement Workshops

Baile Folklorico with Maria Sandoval

A Moving Dialogue with Dr. Karen Schaffman

Capoeira & Percussion with Rafael Hernandez

Oxumarê Dance Workshop: Global Visions of the Cosmic Serpent with Vika S. Hernandez

Ogum & Omolu Orixa Dance Workshop led by Mestre Mariano Silva

Capoeira Roda

Artisans and Maker’s Market


Extraordinary evening dance performances by Divine Dance Co., Improvisation with Dr. Karen Schaffman and friends, ‘La Bruja’ by Maria Sandoval, and Bahia Magia Dance Co. Gratitude for the sacred drums led by Mariano Silva and Rafael Hernandez.